Chris Beary

1997 SVT Cobra

NMRA E.F.I. Renegade
Built by Deans Performance!!
Sponsored by:
Nu Wave Electric
Tuned by Kurgan Motorsports
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Joe Rabiola

"BOOST 12"

2003 SVT Cobra

100% Street Car!  Built by Chitowns Finest... Hans @ Deans Performance

Mike Smalley

2003 SVT Cobra

Hans installed the N20 kit and digital window switch. He also fixed all the problems that were left after visiting a different shop. My car LOVES Hans!

Barry Albertson

1990 Mustang LX Notch

"Frakenstein" Cobra Jet 460ci w/180hp n2o

Larry Ferrone

2004 SVT Cobra

Hans is my first choice for any work I can' t do on my car myself. He takes better care and is more meticulous when working on my car than I am. What' s not to like: f air pricing, great service and attention to detail that is second to none. I' ve recommended him to many people and he' s always exceeded their expectations.

Mike Kolodziej

2003 SVT Cobra

I took my car to Hans by word of mouth... nothing but accolades. The car went there for LDC head cooling mod, Centerforce DFX, Fidanza Flywheel, 26-spline input shaft, Mac Prochamber, and a Mac 3" Cat back. He also went out of his way to locate a set of VERY hard to find 18" BFG Drag Radials. Hans is the only one who has worked on my car, and will continue to be the ONLY one to work on my car!! GO HANS!!! Dean's Performance ROCKS!

Tim Hamrey

1996 SVT Cobra

A+ service with A+ advice. Han's is very knowledgeable and his prices are great



Mike Moses

2004 SVT Cobra

Hans fixed my exhaust leak, line-lock and helped straighten out my exhaust pipes.

Jeff Moravik

2003 SVT Cobra

Deans Performance has installed every part on my car and it has been flawless. Hans is not a mechanic... he is a magician!

Jeff Moravik

2003 SVT Cobra

Deans Performance replaced the long block on my 03 Cobra and the installation was flawless. I would highly recommend Hans for any project large or small

Nick Passannante

2003 SVT Cobra

Hans was recommended to me and now I recommend Hans to other people.  His prices are great and the work is top notch.  All of the work the was done more then exceeded my expectations.  Deans Performance is the only place that will touch my car from now on.

Chris Pelc

1996 SVT Cobra

Hans is my #1 choice for all work I need done on my car. He does quality work, quick and affordable. His skills are astounding!! Even if you need help with something over the phone he's more than willing to talk with you as long as you need to make sure your car is back to working condition! His nickname is the "magician" for a reason!!

Julio Macias

2003 Cobra Convertible

Hans is simply amazing and knows exactly what he is doing! If you want it done right just take it to Deans Performance! I have no problem with him working on any car I own.

Rafal Krzemien

2000 SVT Lightning

Hans is the only man to ever work on my truck and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs quality work and craftsmanship. He's honest and will stay with the job until it is fully complete.